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Hydraulic Dynamometers

Specializing exclusively in hydraulic dynamometers and associated equipment, Kahn Industries pioneered the design concept of the portable, flange-mounted dynamometer over thirty years ago. Since then, significant advances have been continuously incorporated, particularly in the areas of higher operating speeds, easier-to-use designs, improved materials, and increasingly sophisticated computer-interfaced, closed-loop dynamometer controls. The result has been a widely acknowledged leadership in product performance and reliability. With designs capable of absorbing up to 75,000 kW (100,000 hp) and operating at speeds up to 100,000 rpm, Kahn hydraulic dynamometers are now at work in engine test facilities around the globe.

With a product line of over 50 standard dynamometer models and a large number of special purpose designs, Kahn Industries is the only American-owned manufacturer producing a complete offering of dynamometers to measure and absorb the power output of virtually any prime mover. All Kahn dynamometers are inherently bi-directional and therefore do not require repositioning to switch the direction of rotation.

Dynalogic Brochure

555 Series Brochure

T700 Test Stand

Universal engine test stand for T406 and T64 turboshaft engines. This test stand features a 6000 kW (8000 hp) smooth disc hydraulic dynamometer.
T406/T64 Test Stand

Hydraulic Dynamometers:


Inherent low inertia and quick transient response make the Kahn Series 101 and 102 dynamometers ideal for load testing of medium speed turboshaft engines, light turboprop engines, auxiliary power units (APUs), engine power takeoffs (PTOs), aircraft accessory gearboxes and helicopter transmissions. In many of these applications, time-consuming coupling shaft alignment is eliminated by mounting the dynamometer via adapters directly to the engine power output pad.

101 Series Brochure

102 Series Brochure

For high-speed turboshaft engines and experimental turbines, we offer the Kahn Series 404 dynamometers. Equipped with smooth disc power elements that absorb power by viscous shear rather than through highly turbulent vortex formation, the Series 404 are the only high-speed hydraulic dynamometers in their power class which carry a 5000 hour/60 month warranty against cavitation damage. Operating experience in the field has shown that the actual life of the power elements is well in excess of 10,000 operating hours.

In addition to dynamometers, we offer engine test stands and inertia flywheels for turboshaft and turboprop engines; also available are mounting adapter kits for auxiliary power units, power takeoffs and accessory gearboxes.

404 Series Brochure

Model 101-080 Hydraulic Dynamometer. Mounted directly on T62T Series auxiliary power unit (APU).

Dynamometer model 404-205. High speed dynamometer mounted to a flywheel.
Model 404-025 Hydraulic Dynamometer. Cavitation-free high-speed dynamometer rated at 1860 kW (2500 hp), 30,000 rpm. Mounted to a flywheel, this unit is used for load testing helicopter turboshaft engines.



Based on the success of our portable, flange-mounted dynamometers for aerospace applications, we developed the Kahn Series 301 hydraulic dynamometers for load testing of automotive diesel and gasoline engines. Their lightweight, flange-mounted configuration permits quick no-alignment-needed installation directly onto the engine flywheel housing. Tough, highly cavitation- and corrosion-resistant nickel-aluminum-bronze power elements assure long service life. The modular construction of the Series 301 permits replacement of the carbon face seal in less than one hour. Mounting adapter kits for popular engines, stationary and mobile engine test stands, engine cooling columns and other engine test accessories are also available.

301 Series Brochure


Gas Turbines

The introduction of the Kahn Series 400 cavitation-free design was a giant step forward in high-speed, high-power hydraulic dynamometers. Intended primarily for long term endurance and production testing of industrial and marine gas turbines, these dynamometers offer many significant advantages, including virtually unlimited service life due to cavitation-free smooth disc power elements.

400 Series Brochure

In addition, the Kahn Series 100 hydraulic dynamometers offer a cost-effective alternative for development and production testing. Design features include cavitation- and corrosion-resistant stainless steel power elements and a self-centering polygon connection between shaft and rotor discs that permits quick, on-site overhaul by eliminating hydraulic and heat shrink fits.

100 Series Brochure
100 Series Flange-Mounted Brochure
505 Test Stand Brochure

  • Low-Speed Turboshafts
  • Medium-Speed Turboshafts
  • High-Speed Turboshafts
  • Light Turboprops
  • Medium/Heavy Turboprops
  • Rolls Royce Allison 250-C/T63, T56, T406
  • ATEC HPW3000
  • LHTEC T800
  • Honeywell TPE331
  • General Electric T58, T64, T700, CT7
  • Klimov TV2-117A, TV3-117A
  • Honeywell T53, T55, LTP101, LTS101
  • MTU/ Turbomeca/ Rolls Royce MTR 390
  • Pratt & Whitney PT6A, PT6B, PT6C, PT6T, PW100, PW200
  • Rolls Royce Gnome, GEM
  • Rolls Royce/ Turbomeca RTM 322
  • Turbomeca Arriel, Artouste, Astazou, Makila, Turmo, TM 319
  • And Many Others

Dynamometer model 406-160. Smooth disc dynamometer rated at 60,000 kW.
Model 406-160 Hydraulic Dynamometer. Cavitation-free smooth disc hydraulic dynamometer rated at 60,000 kW (80,000 hp) during assembly. This unit is used for load testing industrial and marine gas turbines.



Developed from our successful Series 301 automotive dynamometers, the Kahn Series 302 hydraulic dynamometers cover a wide range of low-speed, high-torque test applications, including industrial, locomotive and marine diesel engines, large electric motors and heavy turboprop engines. Their rugged construction, coupled with their tough, highly cavitation- and corrosion-resistant nickel-aluminum-bronze power elements, assures long service life with minimum maintenance.

302 Series Brochure

  • Caterpillar 3406, 3408
  • Caterpillar 3208
  • Continental AVDS 1790
  • Continental LDS 465, LDS 427-2
  • Continental ADS-895-3, ADSI-895-5, AD-895-4
  • Continental R6602
  • Cummins NH250 I-6 (865 cu. in)
  • Cummins VT400, VT903
  • Cummins V8-210
  • Cummins V-504
  • Cummins V-300
  • Detroit Diesel Serie 71 (6V, 8V, 12V)
  • Detroit Diesel Series 53 (8, 12V)
  • Detroit Diesel Series 53
  • Detroit Diesel Series 92
  • General Motors 302
  • International Harvester DT 466
  • International Harvester 6 DT-1-817
  • Mack ENDT-673
  • GM 6.2L
  • Caterpillar 3208
  • Caterpillar D330, D333, 3306, 1670, 1673
  • Caterpillar D343
  • Caterpillar D3406, 3408
  • Cummins I-6  (855
  • Cummins V555
  • Cummins VT-903, VT-400
  • Cummins V8-210, V504
  • Detroit Diesel Series 92 (6V & 8V
  • Deutz F8L 413, 4434
  • Ford V636
  • International Harvester DV 462, DV 550
  • Mack I-6
  • Mitsubishi Series 6DA
  • Mitsubishi Series DCA
  • Scania DS14
Dynamometer series 302. Low speed hydraulic dynamometer.
Series 302 Hydraulic Dynamometer. Low-speed, high torque hydraulic dynamometer rated at 3300 kW (4400 hp). This unit is used for load testing marine diesels.

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